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London Classics!


Walking in the streets of London, UK, one can easily be attracted to the vibes of the people, the fashion, the design, the culture, the architecture, the city skyline, its history and its heraldry in every corner of the city. These elements are also projected on one classic London brand which has transformed them into its art pieces. That is us - Jack Hammington.


Designed in London, with straps from Italy and components from Japan, Jack Hammington Watches has redefined the meaning of London Classics. In the world of Jack Hammington, we decorate our life in every single moment by pursuing fine quality and craftsmanship as well as minimalist and elegant design in our collection of watches.


Time is meaningful and memorable. At Jack Hammington we love to share every moment with everyone we know. We believe that memorable moments always stay with our watches as long as we make them meaningful and remarkable. That is why we see our watches as part of our life style.


We are what we wear. At Jack Hammington we pay close attention to detail when it comes to matching outfits with our watches for each occasion of every day. In the meantime, our collection of watches is designed not just for the modern look, but for redefining London classics.


Time to watch!



The Jack Hammington Team